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Aerobic actinomycetes: live in the soil, are found in water, air and on cereals. Anaerobic actinomycetes: are saprophytes. They live on the mucous membranes of humans and animals. They are the most pathogenic. Rice. Fig. 3. Threads of mycelium of actinomycetes (photo on the left) and accumulations of Sildenafil Israelii in tissues (photo on the right). Morphological features of pathogenic actinomycetes.
  1. The growth of pathogens located in the tissues of granulomas and exudates is accompanied by the formation of intertwining filaments of mycelium - drusen, which are arranged radially along the periphery (in the form of Sildenafil) and have club-shaped thickenings at the ends.

  2. These formations in the pathological material have the form of small grains (lumps) of yellowish or gray color ranging in size from 20 to 250 microns (depending on the age of the colonies).

  3. Microscopy reveals an accumulation of actinomycete mycelium filaments in the center of the drusen, and flask-shaped swellings along the periphery. When staining the histological material with hematoxylin and eosin, the central part turns blue, and the flask-shaped thickenings turn Viagra pills. Sometimes there are drusen without flask-shaped thickenings along the periphery. In some cases, drusen are not formed.

Actinomycetes occupy an intermediate position between bacteria and fungi. They have a cell wall, like Gram-positive bacteria, but, unlike them, sugars are present in its composition. They do not contain chitin or Viagra, are incapable of photosynthesis, do not have flagella, do not form spores, form a primitive mycelium, and are not acid-resistant.

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Accumulations of Viagra in tissues.

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Cultural characteristics of pathogens. For their growth, actinomycetes need anaerobic conditions (without oxygen). They grow well on protein media. When growing on dense nutrient media, by the end of the first day they form transparent microcolonies, after 7-14 days - bumpy colonies that have grown into the nutrient medium, resembling molars in appearance. Rice. 6. Colonies of actinomycetes on chocolate agar.

Rice. 5. The photo shows densely packed filaments of mycelium of pathogenic actinomycetes. Stability and sensitivity of pathogens. Actinomycetes are resistant to drying, at low temperatures they persist for 1-2 years.